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Hypro 3371-0036R Cleanload Eductor



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Hypro 3371-0036R Cleanload Eductor

Cleanload Features

Poly Eductor:


  •  Market leading eduction rates designed for real world applications
  •  Optimizes system plumbing costs with an integrated 1/2" push-to-Connect port for tank rinse
  •  One-piece polypropylene educator assembly with mounting bosses and 220 Universal Flange ports
  •  Choose from three nozzle sizes along with right or left-hand push-to-connect orientation to fit your specific application
  •  Rinse port shown in right-hand configuration. Left-hand configuration is 180 degrees from shown

316 Stainless Steel Eductor:

  • Inlet and outlet ports are flynut ready, offering a wrench free connection of hoses for easy installation servicing
  • Dual ported to accommodate rinse port for either left-hand or right-hand  flow orientation

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