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Smucker Red Weeder - Handheld Weed Wiper Kit. - RW0201



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Smucker | RW0201 - Red Weeder - Handheld Weed Wiper Kit.

This unique weed wiper puts herbicide or organic vinegar directly on the weeds you want to kill. Control your weeds even on a windy day when you normally couldn’t spray. The patented wicking system is trouble free and easy to use.

Here are the benefits of this versatile farm and garden tool:

Safer Than Spraying

• Easier Than Hoeing

• No Spray Drift

• No Over-spray

• The most economical and safe way to kill weeds without spraying chemical.

The original garden, “tool” that wipes out weeds with no drift, even on a windy day. This, unique to the industry, Red Weeder puts solution exactly where you want and it will save you money on chemical use. The Red Weeder gives the user more options when it comes to deciding what solution to use when attacking your intrusive plants or weeds. The patented wicking system requires no adjustment by the user and its lightweight design makes using our Red Weeder convenient for all ages.

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