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Jared shares some quick tips about Manual Valves from Banjo

Posted by Robbie Bennett on

Jared: "Hello my name is Jared with Banjo corporation and today I'd like to share with you some of the main types of manual valves that we have to offer. First up is our micro valve or the LV series valve. We have two different options available; we have a standard handle and then we have the pull locking handle option. The seal material in this valve is fkm, we also have some different configurations of this valve available anywhere from female thread to push lock or a barb connection.

Next up is our traditional three-piece bolted valve this valve contains stainless steel bolts Viton seals and teflon ball seats. The size range availability for this is half-inch to 4-inch options.

This is the bolted stubby version the stubby version is sometimes used in applications where you have some space constraints one option with this that I particularly like is that the the seals in this valve are all teflon the the o-rings don't come into play just has teflon seats so sometimes can get some better chemical resistance for some different applications the configurations available would be anywhere from a male thread or a female thread to male camlock and they're configured both ways this is the angle valve the angle valve is a 90 degree valve where the end plate is already put together giving you the 90 degree bend.

It does come with a nozzle piece the valve is made up of stainless steel bolts Viton no rings and teflon ball seats the options for sizes available for this would be anywhere from inch and a half to a two inch bolt port option the last option I want to share with you is our single union valve this is a no bolt valve that contains PTFE ball seats it also has the interlocking body and in plate the easily read together connections when installing and the size range availability for this is half inch to two inch for port so what I have went over today is our basic manual valve options that banjo has available."

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