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Jason Shares Some Banjo Manifold Connections Tips

Posted by Robbie Bennett on

Jason: " Hello I'm Jason Clouser and I'm with Banjo’s tech team and today I want to give you a few tips on banjo manifold connections

tip one is do not back your clamp all the way out you want to back it out till it's just in contact with the screw and that's good enough that way you can slide it over your flange put your gasket in and you take your nuts flange put on top and then your clamp slides up and over the top you tighten down the clamp as tight as you can. want to make sure you get it good and snug clamp will eventually settle if you don't get it tight enough.


So tip number two is you take your nut driver or rubber mount and gently tap all the way around and that'll help drive that clamp down a little deeper onto the flanges and then you can go ahead and get another Turner three down and that should be good and tight and you shouldn't have a problem with leaks after that if you're working overhead or having difficulties keeping your gaskets in the manifold fitting we do have a clamp that has ribs on it what these ribs do is they hold the gasket in place by itself so that way you don't have to have someone else come in and help you hold the gasket in while you tighten or clamp down we do make gaskets in all four ranges we have the EM 101 G for the 100 series M 201 G for the two-inch standard port series the M 221 G for the two inch full port series and the M 301 G for the three inch series I hope you found these tips useful if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or send us an email thanks for watching. "

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