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TeeJet - TTI Twinjet - Air Induction Twin Flat Spray Nozzle Chart

The TTI60 TeeJet air induction twin flat spray tip provides extremely large droplets for maximum drift control along with the improved coverage of a twin spray. The single piece tip & cap design allows for fast, easy installation and, unlike some other twin sprays, has a very compact size. The TTI60 is ideal for the application of systemic, post-emerge herbicides.


  • TTI60 produces two 110° wide angle, flat spray patterns for uniform coverage in broadcast applications.
  • 60° angle between leading and trailing patterns for increased canopy penetration and leaf coverage.

  • All in one molded nozzle and Quick TeeJet® cap design provides automatic spray alignment.

  • Extremely large drift resistant droplets are produced through the use of a venturi air aspirator.

  • Provides excellent drift control and produces minimal driftable fines - less than 1.5%*.

  • Acetal construction for excellent chemical and wear resistance.

  • Removable pre-orifice allows for disassembly and cleaning.

  • Suggested spray pressure range of 20-100 PSI (1.5-7 bar).

    Teejet TTI60 Cross-sectional view, dissected for view of the inside of tip. | Mid-South Ag. Equipment

TTI60 Series Wide Angle flat spray tip from TeeJet