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Banjo 18033 - Pump Handle-Mid-South Ag. Equipment

Banjo 18033 - Pump Handle



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Need Help Choosing the Right Pump? Check out our really in-depth pump buyer's guide. Just click here to read about how to choose the correct pump. Banjo 18033 - Pump Handle

Pump Handle Features

  • The Pump Handle is used for the following item: M222 Wet Seal Cast Iron Pumps, M222 Wet Seal Hydraulic Pumps, 3" Cast Iron Pumps, 3" Cast Iron Wet Seal Pumps, 3" Cast Iron Hydraulic Pumps, 333PIH13, 333PBI, 333PIE15, M332 Wet Seal Cast Iron Pumps, M332 Wet Seal Hydraulic Pumps, 444PIH24,444POI, 444PBI & 3" Stainless Steel Pumps

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