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20 GaL ATV Contour Sprayer w/ 12V Pump, Hose & Wand



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**If you select any of the Boomless Options (Both Electric & Manual versions) require the Boomless Mounting Kit. Please add this to your cart in addition to the Boomless Option you select above.**

F/S MFG | ATV20 - 20 GaL ATV Contour Sprayer w/ 12V Pump, Hose & Wand.

  • Adaptable to Boom/Boomless Systems
  • TeeJet & Banjo Plumbing Parts
  • 5.3GPM Remco 12V Pump
  • Spray Wand and 20’ Hose
  • Liquid-Filled Gauge and Pressure Regulator
  • Drain Valve
  • 20 Gallon Tank w/ Sump



Boomless options come in three difference choices:

1.) TeeJet Boomless Nozzles, lightweight plastic nozzles. Durable and very cost effective. Very good for budget spraying or if you aren't spraying routinely or as often.

2.) Hypro Boomless XT Nozzles are a stainless steel, more heavy duty nozzle. With a width of about 12 feet or so. These are more heavy duty and will last longer. Recommended if you are running a lot of chemical or spraying regularly, or have large plots to cover. Very reduced spray drift.

3.) Stainless Steel Boominator Nozzles are very heavy duty, and can reach up to 15 feet, so with just two boominator nozzles, you can cover up to 30 feet in one pass. Creates a larger droplet size, so you get very low drift and almost no misting from particles. Very reliable and very accurate, very heavy duty.