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Raven Precision

Raven Precision is one of the leading manufacturers in the precision agriculture industry. Touting fantastic technology in the sprayer application and agricultural operations industry. Browse through an assortment of top-end field computers for field painting with your sprayers, guidance terminals like the Raven Cruizer 2 and Raven CR7, with all the speed control cables, components and nodes to make your machine as calculated and successful as possible.


Raven's biggest mission is to let you know that it's no longer a guessing game with what you should do for your sprayer applications, you can know. With the data Raven will collect for you, it's easy to see why they've become such a huge success for all things precision ag. Which in-turn, allows you to make some of the biggest money saving and crop saving decisions you'll ever have to make. Let Raven guide you through those decisions, from NH3 Measurement and anhydrous ammonia application, to agricultural GPS systems for sprayer applicators.


At Mid-South Ag. Equipment, we carry a full line of Raven Precision products:

Boom controls, light bars, boom valves, Raven Flow Meters, sprayer controllers, liquid control valves, hydraulic override flow switches and much more. Practically anything you need to measure, monitor and apply your chemical on a next-generation level can be provided by Raven Precision, proudly sold here at