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3-point hitch drift free sponge weed wiper applicator | Mid-South Ag. Equipment

Drift Free Super Sponge Weed Wiper For 3-Point Hitch - Smucker MFG



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Row Crop Application

This model was originally designed as a solution for row crop application. The unit is designed to drive in between the rows with the necessary clearing to not damage your crop!

Self-Contained Unit

When we say, "self-contained" we mean that the unit comes ready to go. While you will have to assemble the unit when you receive it, you do not need any additional pumps/tanks to get started. All you will need is the chemical of choice and the tractor/3-point hitch to start using our system.

Height Adjustment on-the-go

Our 3-point hitch model can be adjusted on the go by simply raising and lowering your 3-point hitch! This makes the unit particularly friendly for applications where you need to adjust your height on the go to make up for the variance in weed height!

3 point hitch weed wiper kit -

How Does It Work?

This pump fed system uses our manifold (# of ports will vary by the size of your boom) to feed your sponges. Each sponge will be individually fed from the manifold, therefore, there is no flow across the boom. The manifold system is powered by your pump, so when you switch off your pump, the manifold will cut off the flow to your sponges.

The system will come with the tubing and plumbing needed to operate your system and it's important during the install to make sure all of your feed lines are cut evenly from the manifold to each sponge to ensure even distribution. See your instruction manual for more information.

Operating Instructions:

For operation, start by mixing your preferred chemical solution to attack your resistant weeds.  Since you are applying chemical directly onto the taller growing weeds, you can use a variety of chemicals at specific mix rates.  For Round up, please follow the labels recommended 33% mix for weed wiper application.  For Gramoxone, please use a 50% concentrate. For all other products, please follow the label or consult your field rep. Then, you will fill your tank with your mix over a safe area (Example: cement).  Keep in mind that you will use significantly less chemical with a weed wiper. Once your tank is full, run a hose of fresh water over your sponges to get them saturated. 

After saturating the sponges, we recommend wringing out the sponges to get the excess water out of the system.  This process helps ensure that the chemical will evenly distribute across each sponge when you begin to run your pump.  Next, while over a safe area, turn on your pump for a few seconds to fill your sponges. The time needed to fill your sponges completely will vary because of size and pump models.   

However, your initial fill over safe ground will give you a better idea how long you will need to run your pump to fill your sponges.  Run the system right up till the point where the sponges begin to drip.  Once you have reached that point, simply turn off the solution and head into your field.  During application, you can simply turn on your pump for a few seconds to re-fill your sponges on the go.  Read the testimonies to hear about just how effective and easy to use our weed wipers are in the field.  Give us a call if you have more questions.


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