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(0.25 - Purple) Wilger - DR110-025 - ComboJet DR Series - Drift Control Flat Fan Nozzle



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(0.25 - Purple) Wilger - DR110-025 - ComboJet DR Series - Drift Control Flat Fan Nozzle

The Wilger DR Series Nozzles provide large droplets - providing good coverage with very low drift potential

Please see ComboJet Droplet/Drift Comparison Chart for more information

The DR series ComboJet Tip-Caps  from Wilger utilize a unique closed chamber design to create larger droplets, which reduce drift.  The closed chamber design does  not incorporate an external air hole, recing the chance of plugging that is common with many air induction tips.  Adjusting the size of the pre-orifice & the size of the exit orifice creates larger or smaller droplets, without affecting flow rate.  The SR, MR, & DR each produce different size droplets, allowing control of coverage vs drift potential. 

ComboJet Features

• Snap-in-Strainer is 40% Longer - making it stay clean longer as well as easier to clean & handle

• Permanent stainless tip made into cap

• Fits Wilger ComboJet Nozzle Bodies without adapters - Adapters available for all other type nozzle bodies

• Superior Performance with Blended Pulse Systems (AIM Command, PinPoint, SharpShooter Systems)

DR110-025 Specs -

Nozzle Orifice Size: .025

Nozzle Color: Purple

Type: 1100 Dual Orifice Flat Fan

Recommended Screen Size: 100 Mesh

Droplet Size: 529µ VMD - Medium Droplet

Percentage of Droplets smaller than 141µ (Driftable Fines): 2%

Percentage of Droplets smaller than 600µ (Best Coverage): 64%

Coverage: Good

Drift Potential: Least Likely

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