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CDS-John Blue 4 Port Impellicone Splitter - IPS2-4-Mid-South Ag. Equipment

CDS-John Blue 4 Port Impellicone Splitter - IPS2-4



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CDS-John Blue 4 Port Impellicone Splitter - IPS2-4




  • Same Impellicone patented technology now available on the Impellicone Splitters. Splitters are used when 3, 4 or 6 Impellicones are used in parallel.
  • Unique spiral needle spins and mixes the liquid and gas for even distribution.
  • Outlets can be plugged without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Simple design allows for ease of service without removing the distribution lines. Proper handling techniques for Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) should be followed at all times.
  • The superior accuracy allows better control of targeted rates while greatly reducing the over application of NH3.

Liquid fertilizer users demand accurate rates. The patented CDS-John Blue Flow Divider when used in conjunction with their liquid metering piston pump is guaranteed to deliver. After extensive research, you can be sure that the FD-1210, FD-2010 and the newly released FD-0610 will accurately divide liquid products across a wide range of application rates.

They have proven in the field that it is the most accurate distribution of any automatic flow divider system on the market today. The FD-0610, FD-1210 and FD-2010 provide unsurpassed accuracy with application rates as low as 5 GPA and as high as 80 GPA on 30 inch row spacing at 5 MPH.

Flow Divider Features:

1. 302 SS balanced spring offers superior performance and corrosion resistance.

2. Exclusive Viton lip seal is more stable and has a longer life than conventional diaphragms.

3. Upper portion of needle is 316 SS, which means longer seal life. The special glass-filled Teflon middle needle offers smooth operation with minimum friction.

4. Spherical tip allows needle to open easier increasing accuracy at lower application rates.

5. 316 SS sleeve can be easily removed for cleaning in the field. Alignment pin ensures that the sleeve will be replaced in exactly the same position every time.

6. Viton o-rings are used for positive sealing for even hard to handle products.

7. Shorter sleeve increases volume in chamber, reducing operating pressures.

8. Tapered inlets reduce turbulence resulting in smoother flow improving accuracy by up to 3 times.

9. Numbered ports for ease of tracing lines.

10. Wrench flats for ease of installation.


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