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GreenLeaf Technologies Low Pressure Airmix Nozzles



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GreenLeaf Technologies Low Pressure Airmix Nozzles

The Low pressure AirMix nozzle, from Greenleaf Technolgies, is a compact,economical, two piece air injection nozzle designed to provide both drift control & surface coverage at conventional spray pressures.  The AirMix Nozzle utilizes a unique air cleaning system to prevent nozzle plugging.  

Specs - Low Pressure AirMix Nozzles

Tip Angle:  110 Degrees

Pressure Range:  15 - 90 PSI

Recommended Spray Height:  16 - 36" (20" Centers)

Material of Construction:  Polyacetal/EPDM


Low Cost:  AirMix offers the most economical solution for drift control

Easy Maintenance:  AixMix Nozzles do require tools for servicing

Quick Retrofit:  Use standard square lug nozzle caps

Reduced Plugging:  AirMix Nozzles utilize a unique air cleaning system which prevents air hole plugging

Drift Reduction:  Reduces drift up to 80% compared to traditional low drift nozzles. Less coarse than other air injection nozzles - providing better coverage at standard spray pressures.

Operates at lower pressures:  Optimal pressure = 20 - 60 PSI, overall range = 15 - 90 PSI.  Works great with rate controllers.

Compact size:  Legnth = 7/8"

Includes Part Numbers: AM11001, AM110015, AM11002, AM110025, AM11003, AM11004, AM11005, AM11006

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