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John Blue - DP291.1 - High Pressure PTO Diaphragm Pump

John Blue - DP291.1 - High Pressure PTO Diaphragm Pump



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  1. Oversized, separate suction and pressure circuits create a smooth flow of the liquid product with no pressure loss.
  2. Convenient visual oil tank fitted with matched diaphragm to ensure correct oil level.
  3. Check valves can be serviced easily, minimum maintenance.
  4. Crankshaft stroke reduced, which increases diaphragm life because diaphragms are not stressed.
  5. Unique pulsation damper system provides dampening on 32 circuits instead of one, which reduces vibrations and allows for smoother operation.
  6. Four diaphragm material options are available, contact factory.
  7. Special check valve design: unique spherical shaped poppet and conical seat made of 316 stainless steel, delivering high volumetric efficiencies. 
  8. Pre-set diaphragm bolt and diaphragm washer are made from 316 stainless steel. This exclusive feature ensures chemical resistance and longer life of the pump.
  9. Two piston rings for each piston, this exclusive design increases diaphragm efficiency.
  10. Parts in contact with chemical products are constructed with die-cast aluminum, covered with special corrosion proof treatment.

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