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Wilger - ER110-125 (12.5) - ComboJet ER (Extended Range) Series Flat Fan Nozzle - Teal



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The Wilger ER Series Nozzle provide the smallest droplet size of all ComboJet nozzles - providing the best coverage.

Please see ComboJet Droplet/Drift Comparison Chart for more information

 ComboJet Features

  • Snap-in-Strainer is 40% Longer - making it stay clean longer as well as easier to clean & handle
  • Permanent stainless tip made into cap
  • Fits Wilger ComboJet Nozzle Bodies without adapters - Adapters available for all other type nozzle bodies
  • Superior Performance with Blended Pulse Systems (AIM Command, PinPoint, SharpShooter Systems)

ER110-015 Specs -

Nozzle Orifice Size: .015

Nozzle Color: Green

Type: 1100 Single Orifice Flat Fan

Recommended Screen Size: 100 Mesh

Droplet Size: 246µ VMD - Smallest of ComboJet Series

Percentage of Droplets smaller than 141µ (Driftable Fines): 20%

Percentage of Droplets smaller than 600µ (Best Coverage): 94%

Coverage: Best

Drift Potential: Most Likely to Drift

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