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Erase by Precision Labs, Cleaning your sprayer system shouldn't be this easy, should it? (well, it is now)

Posted by Robbie Bennett on

Get Your "Erase", Sprayer System Cleaner Here.


The use of spray pattern indicators and turf pigments has grown substantially in the last twenty years. While these products are beneficial to golf course superintendents and sports turf managers, they can create equipment cleanout problems for applicators.


  • Increased use of tank mix partners can leave a build-up of residues on the inside walls of spray tanks and the outside surfaces of spray equipment that ordinary tank cleaners can’t remove. These residues act like magnets for dyes and turf pigments.
  • Complex sprayers have more hiding places for residues containing pigments and dyes.
  • Many nozzles used to apply dyes and pigments produce spray fines that stain equipment surfaces.
  • Ordinary tank cleaners were designed over twenty years ago and are not capable of removing the residues left behind by the pigments, dyes and paints used on turf today.

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed on the Erase label.
  • Clean all tanks on a state-approved loading pad so rinsate can be collected and disposed of according to state laws.
  • To clean the inside of spray tanks follow the mixing instructions on the Erase label.
  • To clean spray equipment surfaces follow the steps listed below:
    1. Mix 3 ounces of Erase in one pint of water. On badly stained surfaces, apply Erase undiluted.
    2. Using a spray bottle or hand sprayer, apply solution of Erase and water to stained surfaces.
    3. Allow stained surfaces to soak for 15 minutes.
    4. Scrub stained surfaces with a bristle brush until stains are removed.
    5. Thoroughly rinse all treated surfaces. Erase is a powerful spray system cleaner that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners. Erase emulsifies oily residues that hold dyes, pigments and paints on the surfaces of spray equipment. Combined with good sprayer cleaning technique, Erase virtually eliminates stubborn stains from spray tanks and equipment.

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