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CapstanAg N-Vision System Kit w/ Mount - 620300-001-Mid-South Ag. Equipment

CapstanAg N-Vision System Kit w/ Mount - 620300-001


Capstan Ag

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CapstanAg N-Vision System Kit w/ Mount - 620300-001

 Be sure to check out our Blog on the CapstanAg N-Vision System for more information!

 ***Note you will need additional hoses to connect the N-Vision to your bar. Also please select which length extension cable you will need.


N-Vision carefully monitors every drop of Anhydrous Ammonia providing a detailed look into the tank and plumbing system. With N-Vision extreme gairns in productivity and the ultimate confidence in your application is achieved. Applying NH3 blindly is a thing of the past. Correct application of nitrogen is critical to getting the highest yield from your crops. No more bad tanks, no more guessing if your empty or stopping early - just the application you want. 


  • More acres per tank
  • Tank empty detection
  • Low tank supply alert
  • Huge flow capacity
  • 3-Dimensional straining


  • Productivity
  • No vapor burn
  • Low service
  • Ultimate connectivity