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Fair Oaks Dairy Farm - Undercover Investigation

Posted by Robbie Bennett on

ARM investigations has released a filmed undercover documentary of the treatment of dairy cattle at a farm right in our backyard. Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana is the farm in this video. From what we see, it wasn't the entire farm itself, but the practice of a handful of very bad and wrong employees.

We considered this newsworthy because of the proximity of the farm to our location and we do a lot of business with people around that area. This is certainly a wild video to watch. You will just have to see for yourselves.

The farm is notable because of it's partnership with Fairlife Milk. A very popular brand, which is backed and partnered by Coca-Cola. ARM has demanded that Coca-Cola cut ties with Fairlife immediately and take the losses, if it wants to support no animal cruelty 100%.

Warning, this video does contain semi-graphic treatment of farm animals.


Almost immediately after the video was released, Fairlife had a response about what actions they were taking since the video's release. See Response directly from their twitter below:

Below you will see a video response of the founder/owner of Fair Oaks Farms, Dr. Mike McCloskey:

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  • Family owned farms are the way to go. Big corporation farm need to be eliminated. I grew up on a small dairy farm and had four others close by. You never had abused animals on a family farm. Most time the cattle ate before you ate. We always went the extra mile to care for our cattle (our lively hood). Without them we wouldn’t make it. That’s how it is with every family ran farm. So don’t stop buying dairy just don’t buy from big corporations. Ask for local grown, always support your neighbor.

    Jason Lykins on

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