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The Raven CR7 is Totally Plug & Play

Posted by Robbie Bennett on

Mid-South Ag Raven CR7 Totally Plug and Play. Portable Plug and Play Computer That Can Help Manage Your Field.

The Raven CR7 is relatively new to Raven’s line of products. It’s an affordable, 7” lightweight, portable plug and play field computer that can help manage your field.

Field computers, like the Raven CR7, are powerful assets that can handle a wide variety of tasks from:

• Auto-steering compatible machines
• Operating control sprayers
• Help keep records
• Monitor yields
• Map zones
• And more


Raven CR7. It's cost effective, small, portable, lightweight.

The Raven CR7 is so user-friendly it’s ideal for first-time users and has strong enough base functionality that it may be suitable as a stand-alone field computer guidance system.

As with any Raven Precision product, you can feel confident about the quality of the clever Raven CR7, and you’ll have Raven’s experts at hand via Slingshot. Speaking of Raven’s Slingshot, the Raven CR7 is not only compatible with Slingshot but also AccuBoom and SmarTrax.


Slingshot is a system that delivers fast connectivity via mobile networks for seamless file transfer and remote support for the Raven CR7. It allows you to access cloud-based data, online services, and RTK correction signals. Transferring files is simple with the use of the File Manager on the Settings page. Updates can be downloaded via the Slingshot Link.


The Raven CR7 is also compatible with Raven's AccuBoom. The automatic boom control offers more accurate spraying. And easy-to-use controls may help reduce spraying times.


The Raven CR7 is compatible with SmarTrax auto-steering, boasting automatic system calibration and best-in-class operating speeds to cover more ground faster. Raven's SmarTrax even works on many steer-ready machines.
For such a small system, the Raven CR7 boasts ease of use and capability such as:

• It’s cost-effective
• Small
• Portable
• Lightweight
• Customizable in-job layouts
• Simple widget concept
• Easy access to settings
• ISO UT & task controller capable

Any Drawbacks To The Raven CR7?

The drawbacks are few with the Raven CR7.

  • Limited enhancements
  • Many Features are subscription based only
  • May require a little more training and education to use properly.

If you need these functions the Raven Viper 4 has them. The Raven CR7 does not have the touchscreen capabilities of the Viper 4 nor the vast enhancement options. Aside from AccuBoom, SmarTrax, and Slingshot, the Viper 4 is compatible with at least five other application controls as well.

The Raven CR7 Is Compatible With:

• Slingshot services
SmarTrax auto-steering
AccuBoom (AccuBoom is automatic sectional control) it requires a field computer w/ coverage map to operate. (Cruizer II, Envizio Pro, Viper Pro, Viper 4); Field computer can be paired with SCS console to control product (450 or 4 and 5000 series)
• Raven serial consolesCompatible with SmarTrax Auto-Steering, Boasting Automatic System Calibration and Best-In-Class Operating Speeds To Cover More Ground Faster.
• Has a widget style layout that is easily managed by simply dragging and dropping
• Settings can be accessed by the in-job screen
• Real-time GPS
There are three different configurations the Raven CR7 can come in referred to as Basic, Generation II, and Generation III.

Basic Raven CR7 Config:

If you’ve run a cruiser in the past, the Raven CR7 is capable of working as a  stand-alone guidance system. The basic set up comes with a 500S antennae cable. This version is for guidance and documentation only.

Raven CR7 Generation II: SmarTrax and AccuBoom

This version is for those who want to add a CS console, AccuBoom, Lightbar, or SmarTrax. Raven CR7 is only capable of SmarTrax and AccuBoom you cannot run camp product control.

There are additional features offered that can be unlocked, such as:
• GPS Unlocks
• Task Controller
• Multi-VRA
• UT

Raven CR7 Generation III: ISO Based Product Control

In this version you can run task control, universal terminal, or if you’re planning on running any ISO product control. It can run ISO product control such as:
• Hawkeye
• IC injection systems
• ISO product controller one system
• Can run a Raven SmarTrax system
• You can add an ISO Switchbox or ISO Boom Speed Mode
• Uses a Gen3 cable running to the chasse of your ISO product.

Purchase the versatile Raven CR7 field computer from Mid-South Ag today!

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